"We’ve often joked that there must be something in the water in Minnesota, there just seems to be so much Underground talent coming out of there! Open Minded is a great example of just that..." -The Underground (also see The Underground Interview)

Open Minded, a Minnesota based Hip-Hop group founded in 2007, has spent years performing together honing their craft and prevailing the local market. What was originally a unique 3-piece rap outfit has recently evolved into 6-man full band stage spectacular. Open Minded has always had high expectations and always delivers to the crowd. Their initial release (Beyond Good and Evil; 2010) was a double disc concept album featuring 24 original songs that solidified the group. They created traction in the local scene after opening for Insane Clown Posse at First Avenue on the Old Shit Tour. In 2014, their follow-up record (Shades of Grey) was the group's first national release and strongest release to date (4th Place in 2014 Best Underground Album of the Year). Shades of Grey opens with a collaborative effort, between Open Minded and then rock band label mates from Smoke & Mirrors. The track, titled Hey Mom, was a widely popular and surprisingly unique sounding single. 2015 has brought immense growth and dynamic change for the group. Their ode to cult classic video game Fallout 3 entitled Wazer Wifle went viral with worldwide recognition including that of Bethesda, the makers of the game. Wazer Wifle spawned inspiration for an entire Fallout themed album to be released in the near future. In 2015, Open Minded joined forces with 2 founding members of Smoke & Mirrors who back up their original tunes alongside DJ PuzzleCutter on the turntables. The following year brought roster changes including the introduction of Sean McGee on drums and the departure of long time contributor Phat Boi Phresh. The high energy rock-fueled live hip hop perfomance remains dynamic and the resiliancy of this new lineup is apparent in its 2016 self titled EP, Open Minded.

"I took the CD home and reviewed it, and was stunned by the new freshness that I could call Open Minded." -ScottieDsWifey; Fagoluvers.net

Vocals - Mikilla, Hatchet Monkey
Band - KC Jones (Guitar), Justin Von Rueden (Bass), Sean McGee (Drums), and DJ PuzzleCutter (Turntables)

Open Minded has had the pleasure of sharing the stage with the following artists: Insane Clown Posse (at the infamous First Avenue), Twiztid, King Gordy, Hed P.E., Liquid Assassin, Axe Murder Boys, Prozak, Kung Fu Vampire, Twizta, Mystical, Devon the Dude, Potluck, Prof, Rittz, Afroman, Lil' Whyte, PLC, and many more local and national artists.

Open Minded's That Shits Just Fucked Up Music Video from the 2016 self-titled EP

Listen to the 2016 EP:
That Shits Just Fucked Up
Livin' For Today
First Contact
Cosmic Martians
Day One

Watch the viral video for Wazer Wifle below!

"I'm not complaining! This video is rad. It's one of the better video game fan music projects I've heard/seen in ages." -Nathan Grayson (Kotaku.com);
Fallout Rap Is, Somehow, Pretty Great

Over 550,000 views on YouTube between OpenMindedMusick and Caedo Genesis' channels!

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